Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year 2010

It will be a brand new year, another step further in the journey of life, and another means of heavier pressure on the studies in a semester to come.Such a whiner eh ......

As for the year of 2010, I just hope things don't get out of hands.There were too much of changes happened in the year of 2009, don't want to bore you to death my friends ! *teehee

Just some pictures la okay. =)

#1 21st Bday Celebration

The Course mates.

The house-madS =p

The secondary buddies. =)

#2 Ipod Shuffle as my sister's birthday present.

#3 Parents are back.

#3 Good buddies and you.

As for 2010 ....

#1: Wanted to get a new pair of good shades for myself, but it is kinda expensive. So, maybe I should drool over it, and get over it. *Ha-haa

Color Splash Pictures, Images and Photos

#2 Have a getaway escapade to Singapore.

And yada-yada, the list continues ......

Anyhow, HAPPY 2010 my dear friends. See you around. =)

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