Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year 2010

It will be a brand new year, another step further in the journey of life, and another means of heavier pressure on the studies in a semester to come.Such a whiner eh ......

As for the year of 2010, I just hope things don't get out of hands.There were too much of changes happened in the year of 2009, don't want to bore you to death my friends ! *teehee

Just some pictures la okay. =)

#1 21st Bday Celebration

The Course mates.

The house-madS =p

The secondary buddies. =)

#2 Ipod Shuffle as my sister's birthday present.

#3 Parents are back.

#3 Good buddies and you.

As for 2010 ....

#1: Wanted to get a new pair of good shades for myself, but it is kinda expensive. So, maybe I should drool over it, and get over it. *Ha-haa

Color Splash Pictures, Images and Photos

#2 Have a getaway escapade to Singapore.

And yada-yada, the list continues ......

Anyhow, HAPPY 2010 my dear friends. See you around. =)

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Mr. Snowman (Must it be a Mr. ?)

snowman Pictures, Images and Photos
Anyhow, I heart X'mas Season. =)
The joy, fun, warmth...

Well, it's what I feel at least. =p

Dear Santa, I don't want prezzie ...but...
I wish to gain more wisdom, I wish to grow wiser and wiser.
Can I ? *please ~ XD

Drench in the joy and have fun people !

Monday, October 12, 2009

I Guess, It's A Sign

Up to recent, due to the Infectious A H1N1, most of the Gakkai Activities and my dance practices have been canceled. So, I am now being all worried about the built muscle from past practices will just turn into lumps of FATs, again. *shakes head

On the other hand, more time is allocated for my leisure activities: origami, comics, books, outings, movies......

Currently undergoing industrial training in a Pilot Plant company, something I have never thought I would dealt with: Programmable Logical Control.
Albeit I'm a chemical eng. student, but I'm ended up in an EE company. It's lucky that I have not chosen my major yet, while Process Control is one of the subjects for next semester's syllabus. ; )
I can't expect much, I just hope that everything will be just fine and I shall pull through the 3 months doubtlessly. And you guys out there, be all alert when you're working, especially for those in chemical plants. =)

The industrial training has given me doubled, tripled TROUBLES during the application process. Much of the hurdles, I finally got 3 offers by 29th of Sept, 2 days apart from the commencement of training. Got the feel of: Phew ~ right? Hehe. XD

I guess, it's a sign for me to buck up and get prepared to face challenges after my graduation.

Industrial training applications turned out pretty troublesome; I couldn't imagine the stress and tense that I'm gonna get when I have to hunt for a job in the near future.

My working hour isn't fix. IT IS a total sucks. =(

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Year 3 Sem 1

Hola Pepos......

I have been disappeared for quite some time I know. Don't blame me alright, I have not much time left for rantings and complaining these days. =p

Parents are back, my family is back to "normal", in the sense that I get to see my parents once a week at least, no longer have to get fair priced air-ticket to see them. Its wonderful in a way. =)

Talking about parents flying back here from China, I've got the chance to visit Beijing just before everything in dad's house (Yang Zhou) is couriered back to Malaysia.
Just a quick update because I gotta run already.
Dear peeps, muh finals is just around the corner, the first paper falls on tomorrow. Pray hard that this semester's paper will not give me a heart attack.


Monday, July 6, 2009

















回头探了探,想了想…… 的确没错,有好多事物都发生在错误的时间。